Dynamic Development Laboratories – Manufacturer of the specialized nutrition and pharmaceutical preparations

Dynamic Development Laboratories founded in 2003 at Mauritius, with its headquarters at Port Louis has concentrated its activity on the developing and manufacturing of remedies aimed to treat and prevent a wide range of diseases. The received scientific research combined with the successful business-practices and responsible approach to the production has established the strong foundation for the developing of the company.

High quality goods of the Dynamic Development Laboratories were highly appreciated by both –
patients and professional diagnosticians. Pharmaceutical preparations of the Dynamic Development Laboratories are in great demand not only when used therapeutically or for prophylaxis; they are also widely used to achieve high sports results.

Despite the above mentioned achievements, the experts of the development and research department aimed their efforts to create Specialized Nutritional Supplements (SNS) for health, sport and active lifestyle. It was decided to develop SNS in the innovative liquid form. The research was based on the experience gained from the pharmacodynamic field. The production process of the planned project was realized by Spanish pharmaceutical company Martinez Nieto, S.A., founded at 1968 and having great experience in the field.

In 2010 the development and promotion of SNS were allocated to the separate segment “Nutrition” with its headquarters in Spain. Dynamic Development Laboratories continued to apply the company’s traditional approach to production and development creating new nutritional supplements which complies with all requirements of the international pharmaceutical standards of quality.


Specialized Nutrition Suppliers in the liquid form from the Dynamic Development Laboraories are produced in Spain at the capacity Martinez Nieto, S.A. The manufacture strictly complies with all requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

The experts of the Dynamic Development Laboratories regularly monitor the world market for raw materials and thoroughly select the best producers and suppliers. The raw materials are tested according the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards and ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization).

Qualified experts work at the laboratories with the all necessary equipment to control strictly the quality using following methods:
highly effective liquid chromatography;
gas chromatography;
spectrophotometry UV-VIS;
atomic absorption spectroscopy;
TLC (lipid-colloidal technology);


The qualification of all employees of the Dynamic Development Laboratories, from specialists to managers is supported by regular educational programs and annual recertification.

Obligatory sanitary chemical, toxicological and stability tests are conducted during the development. Pharmacological researches are held to get the approval for manufacture in the EU countries.

Only high quality raw materials from leading world suppliers are used in manufacture of Dynamic Development Laboratories products.

The safety of the products for final consumers is provided by Gamma Sterilization Technology.

Unconfined space in the bottles of the Specialized Nutrition Suppliers (SNS) in the liquid form is filled with nitrogen which excludes completely the oxidizing process of the biologically active compounds.

Auxiliary substances which can hamper absorption of active compounds and modify its pharmacological properties are absent in the SNS of the Dynamic Development Laboratories.

SNS don’t contain genetically modified organisms.

All SNS from Dynamic Development Laboratories are allowed for use on the territory of Customs Union countries EurAsEC and comply with all requirements of the Common Sanitary-Epidemiological and hygienic requirements, which are under sanitary-epidemiological supervision.

Active ingredients, used in the manufacture are safe and comply with all requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, USA Pharmacopoeia and Food Chemical Codex (FCC).